Futurizing aviation.

Flyk Ltd is futurizing manned and unmanned aviation with a unique real-time aviation map platform and easy-to-use flight planning and airspace management tools.

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Aviamaps is now Flyk!

Over five years ago when I created the first prototype of our product, I would've never guessed how huge demand there was for a modern real-time aviation map. I found out that very few pilot actually knew where it's allowed to fly and where not. Not to mention drone hobbyists.

Three years ago with my four business partners we founded Aviamaps Ltd to develop business around our modern aviation map platform, and to make sure our free and open service is there in the future as well. We also hired our first full-time employee. We have never been a startup, since we've been profitable since day one, and we haven't had any outside funding.

Year ago our business got even stronger, when we sold minority of our company to an Austrian public aviation company Frequentis AG. Together we now futurize aviation abroad as well. Our name became problematic abroad, but luckily we found a new unique name for our company: Flyk®.

Our new name sounds nordic, but also messages that we not only have the worlds most advanced aviation map platform, but also much more. We fetch, parse, analyze and archive airspaces. We develop tools for different stakeholder groups. We sell 2D and 3D airspace data. We will soon bring new countries to our service and our core software is being rebuilt from the ground up.

Let's futurize and enhance safety of aviation together!

Juha Lindstedt
Founder and CTO of Flyk Ltd


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